Why I Gave Up Going To The Gym

I had my membership at LA Fitness for about two year’s. There was a lot of thing’s I loved about it, like the Sauna, the stair master, Zumba classes, and the pool but It just got boring for me after a while, especially since I didn’t have any friend’s who went to the same gym. I would go alone and of course get hit on by men I had no interest in (even though I was pretty much covered up and tried to ignore them).

My workout outfit:

I made my mom get a membership so she could join me and I wanted to help her get fit. Well, that didn’t last long. She hated the gym so much and decided to cancel her membership 2 months later. I decided to do the same.

I figured it would be best to save money and just workout at home! I was searching for my Gilad ‘Bodies In Motion’ dvd and couldn’t find it anywhere! It’s always been my favorite exercise routine other than dancing. I remember how fit I was when I use to workout to it almost everyday! My mom use to workout to him and I would follow along when I was a little girl. That’s how I pretty much still know the whole routine by heart!

I never found the dvd. So, I bought a new one on ebay for about $11 (my old one would skip anyway, so I needed a new one). I’m so excited because I miss working out to Gilad and I just received the new dvd in the mail the other day!
My workout routine at home:

  • Squats
  • Lifting weights
  • Gilad

Gilad is definitely one of my role model’s and he still looks amazing! I hope I’m as fit as he is when I’m 62 year’s old!!

Gilad Janklowicz :

“Gilad Janklowicz is one of the world’s most popular fitness personalities.  As a pioneer in the fitness industry, he has helped millions of people get and stay fit with his popular TV fitness shows and workout DVDs.  His TV show, “Bodies in Motion” has been on the air since 1983.  The show has been seen in over 80 countries and has received countless awards.”

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