Dear Robert Downey Jr, I’m Proud of You!

I am definitely a movie Junkie and can stay home all day watching movies…especially 80’s movies!!!

On Netflix, I stumbled across the movie ‘Less Than Zero’ Starring Andrew McCarthy, Jami Gertz, Robert Downey Jr, and James Spader. It wasn’t the best movie I’ve watched but they are all amazing actors and I love them!

Anywho, I was watching the movie and decided to look up the movie and actors on Google ( I like checking up on actors sometimes lol especially if they have been in older movies) and I checked out Robert Downey to see what other 80’s movies he’s been in because I know I’ve seen him in most of them, And then I told my mom “Damn, he’s been in so many movies and had great roles in the 80’s and now he has some of the best roles in top movies like Iron Man!”

I think it is truly amazing and inspiring to see an actor work so hard and just get better and better over the year’s. I am proud of him, even though I don’t know him and have respect for him as an actor!

Whoo hoo!! You go boy!

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