13 Reason’s Why

So, I just finished the series ‘13 Reason’s Why‘. This show definitely brought back my High School memories. Being the new kid at any school is hard. You have to make new friend’s and people treat you like an outcast because they don’t know you and they already have their circle of friend’s.
I’ve been the new girl three times and it sucked! I had guy’s lie about me, saying I was a whore/ slut when I was a virgin! Horrible, But anyways, I can definitely relate to this show and I’m sure many kids and adults can.

Bullying needs to stop and people should stand up for others if they see them being bullied.  Suicide is definitely a touchy subject but needs to be talked about. I had a friend tell me she thought about it and I talked her out of it of course! I’m glad she brought it up! There are so many thing’s to look forward to in life. Everyone is going through something tough but that doesn’t mean it will last forever!

There are times I feel so low and I wonder what is the purpose of living, but then I change my thoughts and think about what make me happy.

Life is worth living! Stay positive!

Watch the show on Netflix!

2 thoughts on “13 Reason’s Why

  1. Well I have been on the receiving end of bullying myself for quite some time, so I can relate. I totally agree: bullying definitely needs to stop. People just don’t realise sometimes how much impact it can have on someone’s life. Still…never feel down because of it. It is precisely what they want, and they would win. So simply enjoy life, and being yourself. Always stay positive. Great review 😊

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