Sorry, I’m not interested!

Thing’s are getting pretty ridiculous with social media these day’s and with men sliding into dm’s and FB messages! I know it happens to so many women out there and men too! 

I don’t mind that men want to talk to me and say I’m beautiful, but then they cross the line and get mad if the feeling isn’t mutual. Most of these guy’s just don’t get the hint do they?! If I’m not responding back and refuse to go on a date with you, guess what? I’m not interested.

I’ve had guy’s say “Come on have a heart!” or “I can get you discounts” or “why are you so mean?!” When I tell them I’m not interested in dating them/ ignore a message. All these guy’s seriously disgust me already!

I don’t care what a guy has! He can have the nicest car, a lot of money, can get me “discounts” somewhere, whatever it is! I will never be interested in them, but no! It doesn’t stop there! These guy’s will literally message me everyday on all my social media accounts that I will end up having to block them! 

So, a message to the guy’s/girl’s who do this, please stop! You will know when someone is really interested in you. You will know!!! 

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