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Dating Sucks 

What is going on? Dating used to be so easy! Now it’s hard to get a date at all! I know I’m not the most beautiful girl in the world, plenty of people think I’m very attractive but will never ask me out on a real date.

I feel like I’m the one trying to get the guy’s I like to go out with me, but it never works. There’s always an excuse, and I start feeling like there’s something wrong with me.

I’ve been using Tinder for almost a year now, on and off but of course, no luck with that app either. I mean, I met one guy I actually really liked a lot but of course he’s out looking for better and then I have a couple of guy’s from the app on my Social media account’s that like my photos but never want to meet me in person…. like huh?!

The only guy’s who ask me out are men in their 50’s + that aren’t even attractive at all. I know that it’s not all about looks and age but c’mon! I need to date someone who I have somewhat of an attraction to and is close to my age.

I’m just very dissapointed. The fact that I can’t even get a text back from a guy I like when I invite him out once is just ridiculous already. I’m not asking for an expensive night out or a diamond ring. Just to meet up for a drink or something and hang out! Seems like that’s the most I can get out of a guy these day’s…

7 thoughts on “Dating Sucks 

  1. Dating does suck. Most normal guys/men are afraid of rejection, so they will just back away before their feelings get hurt.
    Online dating REALLY sucks, especially for guys, the good guys. Its easy to type a message (or a hundred) and click send. No risk of rejection. Women receive hundreds if not thousands of messages – 99.99% of which are total crap. At this point it turns into numbers game.

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    1. I understand completely. I’m afraid of rejection too and have been rejected but still try. Online dating also sucks for us good girl’s too. Most of us are looking for relationships and can’t get a fraction close to getting one or even a date. It’s almost impossible. It’s funny cause my grandmother tells me “Don’t date just one guy, date a bunch!” Lol maybe back in the day, that doesn’t work anymore. 😂

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  2. Well, don’t give up hope yet. Yes I am a guy, and I know there are plenty of guys that just really react in the ways you are describing. But luckily there are also still men out there, that do treat women with the respect they deserve. Honestly, I was about to give up hope myself as well, but recently I met someone online and we have so far really hit it off. All I can say is: hang in there 😊 From reading your posts, I feel like you are someone that is very kind, so trust me there will be someone who will discover that as well sometime soon. 😉

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    1. Well I hope it works out for you! I am honestly so tired of talking to people through a phone all the time. I just want to meet in person. These dating apps get tiring but I’ll keep trying! Thanks!

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