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I’m Summer Ready With My Crochet Bikini!

Today I did a mini photoshoot with this amazing rose pink crochet bikini created by @eaglenyc85 ! They made this bikini especially for me and it fits so well! They also sent me a white popcorn bikini which is so cute! I’m obsessed!! ❤

They have a variety of styles to choose from and all of them are so beautiful. 

The details are amazing and they definitely know what they are doing with their crochet hooks! Lol They made the bikini so fast and it was delivered to my house a week later!
My amazing mother took photos of me at the Shingle Creek Park in Kissimmee! It is such a beautiful location and I’m glad we went there. It was so peaceful and nobody was there so we had the park to ourselves and I felt more comfortable to take these photos! 😄

I am summer ready! I’ve been working on my body. Got a bikini contest coming up and I definitely want to feel more confident in a bikini! So there will be many more photos to come!

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