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Living In The Hood Stories

Soooooo… I’ve been living in my neighborhood for about a year. It’s not the worst neighborhood but it’s also not the best. I’ve in nicer areas here in Florida, and know this is not the best but it’s ok because of pricing, but when you start hearing gunshots at 3am you start to wonder, right?! It’s pretty damn scary. I’m originally from Bronx NY and for the 12 year’s I’ve lived there, I don’t remember hearing gunshots! (But of course I was a lot younger and lived in buildings so it’s harder to hear I guess, I was naive about that stuff) Anyway, some night’s, I will hear gunshots 🔫 right by my window that literally wake me up and then my anxiety kicks in! I start imagining myself just sitting on my bed, and then a bullet shoots through my window and into my head killing me…. 😟

Hopefully soon we will get a fence because we’ve also had stranger’s walking through our yard!! There’s a neighborhood right behind our house that is really “Hood”. The cops 🚔 are usually there almost every weekend, but anyways, these people cross our yard to get to that neighborhood. There were times where my mom and I were about to drive in our driveway and these stranger’s were walking through our driveway to get to the neighborhood in the back!! Like wtf?!?! 

Mind you! We do have bars on all of our window’s and the sliding glass door. We didn’t put them there, they came with the house. I am definitely glad we have them cause you never know!! My mom usually works on the house and the gardening and she ended up finding a tiny jar of coconut oil set right by the window… Hmmm, 🤔 what could somebody be doing right by her room window with a jar of coconut oil????? Disgusting!!! 😠😠😠😠😠

One time, a lady knocked on our door, late at night asking for gas money…..😑 and another time, I’m in bed and I hear kittens meowing loudly! I have four hairless  cat’s, and at the time one of our cat’s gave birth so we had kittens. I went to go check the cat’s to see if they were ok, and the kitten’s meowing weren’t from inside my house! Someone dropped off tiny furry kittens at the front door!! It didn’t bother me as much because I felt bad for them! It was cold out and they were abandoned!! My mom was pretty pissed! We already have too much responsibility with our own cat’s. We ended up taking the kittens to Petco the next day.

I have no idea how long we are staying in this neighborhood. My whole family thinks we should move somewhere else lol but I feel like bad thing’s can happen anywhere, maybe not as much here 😂 but still…. we’ll see what happens.

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