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I May Not Be There Yet, but I’m Closer Than I Was Yesterday. 

Hey guy’s! So as you all know, I am into fashion, Beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, etc. I’m trying out something new. I just started looking through my closet and picking out outfits to take photos in when I go out! I’m trying to put more effort in the way I dress and present myself.

I have many goals. I feel like I’m getting thing’s done, just slowly lol but here are some photos of my two recent casual outfits I put together for fun.

DAY 1:

DAY 2:

I definitely want to put more fun outfits together and take photos in different locations of course! 

DAY 1 Accessories:

Dangling pearl earrings and an evil eye necklace from Oh My Bijou which is a handmade Jewelry Subscription service! I was actually the winner for a giveaway! That’s how I got this beautiful set! 

These sunglasses are by Tahari. I bought them from Marshalls!

These are my mom’s shoes! She’s had them for year’s! They are from JCPENNY. They are still in amazing shape! The brand is a.n.a Clothing.

This is one of my favorite purses I bought from ROSS by Betsey Johnson!! It’s so cute and I love the bow!!! 😄🎀

DAY 2 Accessories:

I actually bought this hat and sunglasses from eBay! Most likely from China. They were very affordable and I’ve had them for a pretty long time. They are holding up quite nice. The hat is a great material. 👌

I got this beautiful scorpio necklace from Old Town here in Florida. The shop I bought them from is called Black Market Minerals. They have so many cool stones and items there!

Here are another pair of my mother’s shoes! Lol Yes!! I wear a lot of her stuff. We pretty much share all our clothes. 

This watch is also my mom’s…. 😂😂😂 She had it for a very long time and wanted to throw it out so I took it, and then I actually lost it the same day we took these pictures…. 😣 I guess it was so old that it broke off! Lol

AND finally, here is my purse by Kenneth Cole Reaction.

Well that’s all for this post!! Thanks for reading! 😄💖

10 thoughts on “I May Not Be There Yet, but I’m Closer Than I Was Yesterday. 

  1. Let me start by saying, i love your creativity. You dressing is fascinating, decent, clean and inviting. Your combinations of accessories are on point and finally, you have a very lovely, amiable skin and stature that is perfect for what you do!….let me reserve the rest of the comment for later. Good job, you’re getting there.

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