Diamond Armour Universal Phone Mount 

I am loving my new Diamond Armour Universal phone mount! It is completely hands free and you can apply it anywhere. I have one on my mirror in my bathroom so I can watch makeup💄 tutorials to help me get ready and to record selfie videos. Sometimes I like to make video’s of myself doing my makeup for fun, either to post on YouTube or Instagram. I recently made a video of myself getting ready for Megacon 2017. I dressed up as Star Sapphire. I literally taped my phone to my mirror because I had no idea how else I would record myself! 😂😂😂 so this phone mount definitely helps out a lot.

I also have one in my car so I can use my GPS! I usually try to hold my phone in my hand to look at the GPS or set it on my lap and I believe it’s pretty dangerous to do that. The phone mount keeps my phone in place and is viewable! I love that it’s adjustable as well so I can turn the phone in a different direction. This item would also be great to do vlogs as you drive! 

It makes life a whole lot easier! 👌😄

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