JORD Wood Watches Review And GIVEAWAY!

I’m so excited to receive my first JORD Wood Watch! I love the fact that it is real wood! It’s very unique and different from other watches I have, and seen at stores. The company is so professional and I received my watch very quickly, Literally in a matter of a few day’s!!

Here are some shots of my beautiful watch:

It is the FRANKIE 35 series Dark Sandalwood & Slate style 👌

My Sphynx cat Molly loves my JORD watch too! 😂

Here is a quick unboxing video! The packaging is fantastic! I love the wood box and the detailing on it. Such an amazing theme! Check it outttttt!


1 lucky person will win $100 towards one of these beautiful wooden time pieces! EVERYONE who enters the contest will get a $25 off coupon! So awesome right?! 😉

Click the link below, fill out your info and you are entered to win!!!

Men’s shop :

Women’s shop :

FRANKIE 35 series Dark Sandalwood & Slate Watch:

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