Outfit Of The Week!

Here is my favorite outfit this Week!

 I was looking through my closet, coming up with different outfits for a photo shoot I had to do. I came up with over 10 outfits for the shoot and this one ended up being my favorite! 

Location: These photos were taken at Lake Eola in Orlando FL! I’ve always been obsessed with the Red Pagoda by the lake and thought this outfit would go perfect with the location.


The floral romper is from Marshalls made by Band Of Gypsies (They have so many nice clothing) Gold wedges are made by Michael Kors, bought the black hat and yellow sunnies  from eBay, strpied black and white purse is made by Kenneth Cole, and my gold crystal watch is from Fossil!

Michael Kors Golden Wedges:

I am also wearing a wig! I bought it from a local beauty shop and felt like it looked just like my natural hair when I straighten it! Wearing a wig definitely saves me time so that’s why I wear it once in a while!

Let me know what you think! Thanks!

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