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My Diverse Job History And What I Desire To Do Next!

I’m home just contemplating on what I truly want for my future. “What should I go to school for? Should I even go to school? What do I want to do?!?!” Ahhhhhhh!!! These are the questions I go over and over again in my head. It’s stressing me out to be honest! But, it’s something I can’t help but think about the older I get.

From High School till now, I have worked for various businesses and jobs Such as waitressing, Dance Performance, promotional modeling, social media marketing, background acting, property management and now Blogging! 

Me performing at Mango’s Tropical Cafe! I was also a VIP Server.

Brand Ambassador work for DPA Microphones at InfoComm 2015 at the Orange County Convention Center

Performing at EDC Orlando (Don’t I look grape?) 😉🍇

My first job as a waitress! #hooters 🍗👀😂

Working as a Samba Dancer with my girl tayyyy 🙃

Working for Erchonia at OOCC! 

I have been doing so much research online for what I want to do next, And this time, I want to pursue something a little more serious….ok, maybe a lot more serious! Most of my research has been about Chemical Engineering, pretty much anything that has to do with science because I LOVE science, Real Estate and physical therapy. I am thinking about going to College soon, maybe even out of state if I have to! I’m ready to improve my knowledge and ready to feel like I’m doing something important with my time and overall life.
I imagine it’s been so difficult for me to choose a career path for myself because I love diversity. I am interested in numerous subjects and just can’t make up my mind!  You can say I’ve been more on the entertainment side of thing’s for a very long time and I feel like there is way too much competition and not enough money in the entertainment industry, unless you become famous or something which  I definitely don’t care about anymore (I did when I was a kid).

I would love for anyone to share their thoughts on the best college majors to pursue or if college is not worth going to anymore because I hear that there are many amazing, high paying jobs that don’t require a degree.

Thanks! 💙

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