Cardi B (Her Real Persona)

I’ve been hearing so much about Card B and her new song ‘Kodak Yellow’ (which I really like!), and so I started looking at some interview video’s of her talking about her life before fame, why she became a stripper and so on, and I can actually relate to her so much on her thoughts about thing’s. She seems like a really cool person. 

She talks about how much peer pressure there is in the world for people to be successful and get more money. The peer pressure will drive you insane because you feel like you have to prove something to all the”Haters” even though you feel like you have already succeeded in life! A lot of women (even me) feel peer pressured to look a certain way, not only to get attention from men but to also be better than other girl’s and make more money! I’ve even fallen victim, (while working at nightclubs and all) feeling like I should go get my boobs done or lipo because I didn’t feel good enough and so many other girl’s were getting work done! Of course I didn’t get my boobs done lol I just decided to leave because I didn’t feel like it was worth it, that club life isn’t for me.

What she also mentions that I like is that how she can see a guy, think he’s cute bit that doesn’t mean she’ll f*ck him. I think the same and feel like so many men don’t understand that just because you think you’re the best looking guy or best looking girl, it doesn’t mea I want You! There has to be some type of chemistry in order for me to want to move thing’s forward, especially to have sex with you!

 I may have judged her a bit before because of her sexy rapper lifestyle but I feel like she’s so much more than a piece of ass or whatever people may think, and that’s exactly what I feel like people think about me sometimes, especially with how I used to post…. but no, there can be so much more about someone, no matter their lifestyle or the types of photos they post of themselves on social media!

But anyways, if you want to check out the video, I uploaded it below. 💜
Card  B (Full video)

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GiGi Singh Jewelry

Gigi was so kind to send me some of her unique handmade clay jewelry! The style I am wearing in this photo is the Sunburst ☀️☀️☀️

She makes, necklaces, hair pins, rings, earrings and bracelet so you can match or you can get different prints to style up and add a pop of color to any outfit! Her jewelry is colorful and vibrant which makes it so much fun!

Close up:

Her Instagram is filled with awesome photos! Go follow her! @gigisinghjewelry

Check out her website to see some of her other styles and if you are interested in purchasing:


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My New Glitter Heels From Charlotte Russe

I recently went to the outlets to do some shopping and one of the stores I went to was charlotte russe. I walked around, saw some really cute dresses that I bought and then my most favorite item I found were the Milia-97 Ice Blue Multi Glitter pointed toe pumps!

Video with no flash:

Photo with no flash at home:

At first they looked a bit much on the shelf but once I tried them on I fell in love! As you twirl around in these shoes, they change color! 😍 It mostly looks purple but at different angles you’ll see blue and a light pink! I get so excited when trying them on, I wish I can wear them everywhere! Lol

I definitely get Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City vibes while wearing these gorgeous heels! They are very classy but super fun, and that’s why I love them. They are my magical shoes.💜

Video with flash:

Photo with flash:

Me wearing these beauties!:

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Drinking Bone Broth For Better Skin + Other Benefits!

My mother and I have been searching for home remedies to get rid of cellulite and to acheive better, and more youthful Skin! We drink a lot of water and workout somewhat but wanted to learn more about what else can help. My mom discovered Bone Broth online and we read about some of the benefits and here’s what we found:

  1. Protects joints
  2. Good for the Gut
  3. Maintains Healthy Skin 😊
  4. Supports Immune System Function
  5. Boosts Detoxification 
  6. Aids the Metabolism and promotes Anabolism
  7. Overcome food allergies

Read more about each benefit here:
So, my mother and I went to Winn- Dixie to buy some. It’s about $5 per box which is somewhat pricey but maybe it’s worth it!

Here’s what it looks like:

There are other kinds of Bone Broth such as chicken, Turkey, beef, fish, and lamb.

I usually drink chicken bone broth in a mug half full. Some people make soup with it by adding meat and veggies which is a great way to consume this superfood and I have tried this method as well and I love it!

I haven’t been drinking it for a very long time so I haven’t noticed much of a change but when I do, I sure will do an update!

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have ever tried bone broth before! 😉

Learn about the history of Bone Broth here:

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My Diverse Job History And What I Desire To Do Next!

I’m home just contemplating on what I truly want for my future. “What should I go to school for? Should I even go to school? What do I want to do?!?!” Ahhhhhhh!!! These are the questions I go over and over again in my head. It’s stressing me out to be honest! But, it’s something I can’t help but think about the older I get.

From High School till now, I have worked for various businesses and jobs Such as waitressing, Dance Performance, promotional modeling, social media marketing, background acting, property management and now Blogging! 

Me performing at Mango’s Tropical Cafe! I was also a VIP Server.

Brand Ambassador work for DPA Microphones at InfoComm 2015 at the Orange County Convention Center

Performing at EDC Orlando (Don’t I look grape?) 😉🍇

My first job as a waitress! #hooters 🍗👀😂

Working as a Samba Dancer with my girl tayyyy 🙃

Working for Erchonia at OOCC! 

I have been doing so much research online for what I want to do next, And this time, I want to pursue something a little more serious….ok, maybe a lot more serious! Most of my research has been about Chemical Engineering, pretty much anything that has to do with science because I LOVE science, Real Estate and physical therapy. I am thinking about going to College soon, maybe even out of state if I have to! I’m ready to improve my knowledge and ready to feel like I’m doing something important with my time and overall life.
I imagine it’s been so difficult for me to choose a career path for myself because I love diversity. I am interested in numerous subjects and just can’t make up my mind!  You can say I’ve been more on the entertainment side of thing’s for a very long time and I feel like there is way too much competition and not enough money in the entertainment industry, unless you become famous or something which  I definitely don’t care about anymore (I did when I was a kid).

I would love for anyone to share their thoughts on the best college majors to pursue or if college is not worth going to anymore because I hear that there are many amazing, high paying jobs that don’t require a degree.

Thanks! 💙

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Journal Series #3: What It’s Like Riding The Subway In NYC

Taking the Subway again after so many year’s is strange but somewhat exciting. At least at first I was excited. When we first got on the subway, it was pretty empty, then of course at each stop, more and more people would get on. By the time you know it, you can’t move! You’re pretty much stuck in between strangers! I felt like a sardine! 

I think it’s great to have other forms of transportation but I sure as hell won’t miss This! Lol Especially trying to get onto a subway when it’s pretty crowded. If there is some room, people won’t let you pass at the entrance!! So rude! But I guess that’s how NY is. People become cold and careless to the extreme.

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Journal Series #2: Gray’s Papaya NYC

Just finished eating at Gray’s Papaya for the first time! I don’t care much for hotdogs but they have th best one’s in New York City! What I liked most were the drinks. I tried the piña colada, the coconut champagne, and the papaya drink and they were all SO delicious! I would go everyday just for the drinks If I could!! 




What I got:

My cousin and I: