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NΓ΄lei Boutique: My Favorite Outfits

I am getting into fashion more and more! I’ve been so inspired by many brands on Social Media and NΓ΄lei Boutique is one of them. Nora was so kind to let me come into the Downtown Divas Boutique in Orlando to try on some outfits from her NΓ΄lei collection and take one home with me!

Here are some outfits from her collection:

Embroidered Deep V Red Dress:

This dress made me feel powerful and beautiful!❀

Cutout Nude Bodycon Dress:

I loved how this dress felt nice and snug on my body. It made me feel very put together.πŸ‘Œ

Blush Pink Ruffle Sleep Wear:

So pretty, yet so comfy, and sexy!🌸

Comfy two piece Blush Pink Lounge Wear (The outfit I chose to take home:

I chose this outfit because I knew I would wear it more often. 😏

If you are interested in seeing more of the NΓ΄lei collection, click the link below!

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My Thoughts On Fame Then VS Now

When I was a little girl, I stared at all the talented, and beautiful actors, and singers on my TV screen wishing I could be just like them. I thought that all famous people were good people and had it all. As I grow older, I learn that not everyone who is famous is a good person and may not even be happy.

Now, when I think about fame, it’s not something I dream of anymore. Being famous does not guarantee a perfect lifestyle. The number one reason I don’t care for fame is PRIVACY! There are plenty of stories online about celebrities having strangers breaking into their houses, stalking, and also threatening them! In one of Shane Dawson’s YouTube video’s, he explains how even JLo had some stranger living in her house and she didn’t even know! It can happen to anyone! I just think that everyone should stop having the obsession to become famous. It’s best to look into first, and if you’re ok with the circumstances, go ahead and pursue the career to fame! Just be cautious!

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Kate Spade: Money Doesn’t Determine Happiness? What Does?

When I heard the news about Kate Spade’s death, I couldn’t believe it. A couple day’s before, I was looking at her amazing bag designs online, and thought to myself how expensive they were, and how rich she must be.

Now I wonder why would such a successful woman commit suicide?! Could her depression really have been that bad?

There are so many people in the world dealing with major Anxiety and depression problems, I’m one of them. Sometimes I think that money would make my life better, but knowing that a very known and wealthy designer killed herself, well… I don’t know what to think anymore.

Some questions going through my mind:

What does make us happy? Is it love? What if I never find love or make enough money? Will I be depressed on and off forever? Why was Kate Spade sad? What makes people depressed?

Please comment below and tell me about situations in life that has made you feel depressed, no matter how big or small.

Thanks. πŸ–€

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5 Ways to Lift Up Your Spirit When Dealing With Rejection

Dealing with rejection is hard. We all get rejected and it feels awful. Most of the time it lowers our self esteem and then it’s difficult to put ourselves out there again, whether it be for a relationship or a job opportunity. Here are 5 Thing’s I do to make myself feel better after getting rejected.

1. Cry

When I get rejected, I feel extreme sadness and want to let it out, so I do. I often go to a quiet place and just let myself feel sad. Crying right away helps me get over the situation faster.

2. Go to the gym

I’ve been rejected many times, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to look and feel my best. Also, there are many attractive guy’s at the gym who check me out! It definitely helps me feel good about myself, especially after being rejected by someone I really like.

3. Go out with friend’s

Going out with friend’s and meeting new people is a great way to get over being rejected. I usually go out to eat and drink at a event that I know will be packed with fun people like Winedown Wednesday or Taco Tuesday!

4. Get on Bumble or any other dating site

I recently decided to go back on Bumble because I want to meet new people who will be interested in my friendship, or more. Now they have the option to find your bff, or new job if you’re not interested in dating!

5. Just remember EVERYONE gets rejected

Not just you and I get rejected, everyone on this planet does! Even though we feel hurt at that moment of getting turned down, it’s really not a big deal and we just gotta move on to the next thing. You might think that a certain opportunity with a person or job would have been the best thing that can happen to you, but there really are better opportunites out there. Don’t lose hope. Keep trying and live your fabulous life!

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My First Semester at Valencia College

I finished my first semester at Valencia College and now I’m free! Well, until I sign up for more classes and have to go back. Let me tell you how it went!

I signed up for classes at Valencia in January andwas so excited to start. My mom bought me a dark grey Adrienne Vittadini backpack, pens, notebooks, and an HP laptop so I could be fully prepared for college. I wanted the first day of school to hurry up and come. I was extremely impatient but of course the day came.

I had four classes in total which were Biology, Intermediate Algebra, English 1, and Speech. The two weeks that went by were super easy because they were preparing us gor the worse…lol but seriously. The amount of homework I had was ridiculous, especially for Biology and Algebra. I eventually got so frustrated and fed up with everything and started hating school so much! I cried so much.

I did push through, studied as much as I could, retook a test for Biology because I failed one of them but passed the ratake with a 90%! Did all of my online math homework, participated in speech class by speaking about interesting topics, and practiced on my writing skills for English. At the end of it all, I was pretty happy with my grades. I got all A’s and B’s. Hard work definitely does pay off.

What I loved most about my college experience is that I met a lot of new friend’s, and learned a lot about myself and that I’m so much smarter than I thought I was. What I hated most about my college is all the homework that was assigned, and the attitudes from some of my professors.

Now I’m thinking of if I want to go back or find a job somewhere, because I miss working. I guess we’ll see soon…

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Downtown Orlando With Amazing Friend’s: A St. Patty’s Day to Remember!

I have learned so much already this year and one thing I learned is that If I really want to do something, I’m gonna do it! No matter how big or small. I usually don’t celebrate every holiday. Most of the time I’m home in my pajamas (which I love) but I can do that any other day. Right?!

The weekend for St. Pattys day came around and I originally would have stayed home binge eating, watching Netflix, or go to Ale House, or something. Well, last minute I decided, NO! I’m not staying home! I want to celebrate every holiday out this year, or at least try my best to. I texted some friend’s and most of them were already going out. I asked my mom if she wanted to go too and she replied “Eh, ok why not.” 😁

Mom and I arrived at Wal-Mart really quick to pick up some green wear and found some awesome items. I noticed a huge green top hat and grabbed it. My mother and I also bought dome matching tops that had four leaf clovers covering the sleeves.

We felt prepared and headed to Downtown Orlando. My friend’s met met us at Celine Nightclub and we had a pretty awesome group. My friend’s loved my mom by the way! Haha!

We overall had a great night and I want to continue doing everything I want this year! Can’t wait for more exciting adventures! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š


The Extraordinary, Authentic Wood Watches by JORD

I have always had my eye on Jord Wooden Watches. Not only are all of their classic watches made out of REAL Wood, but they smell amazing, the many designs they offer is astonishing! From Walnut to Zebrawood, men’s watches, as well as women’s. There are a variety of watches to choose from! I have two watches so far and love the style so much. They are definitely different than any other accessory I’ve ever owned.

The Two I have:

Dover Ebony & Copper and Frankie35 – Dark Sandalwood & Slate

Here are a few other favorite styles of mine:

The Cassia: Ebony and Sable

This timepiece is one of JORD’S newest designs. The Roman numeral concave dial, sapphire glass, and stunning ebony wood is a must in anyone’s wardrobe.

The Dover Series: Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood

This style right here is incredibly remarkable! I love the synchronized design and all the stunning details, especially the contrast between the Dark Sandalwood and Zebrawood.

Cora Series: Koa and Rose Gold

Ummm, who doesn’t need a little sparkle on their wrists?! I know I do! This dazzling, crystal timepiece is for sure on my list, because of it’s warm tone and radiance.

If you would like to know more information, please click the links below to find out what else JORD Wooden Watches has in store for you:



Also, give JORD Watches a follow on Instagram and check out their fascinating photos!

JORD is having an amazing GIVEAWAY!! All you have to do is click the link below, enter your information and then you will be entered to win $100 towards a JORD Wooden Watch of your choice. Good luck!

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