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My Diverse Job History And What I Desire To Do Next!

I’m home just contemplating on what I truly want for my future. “What should I go to school for? Should I even go to school? What do I want to do?!?!” Ahhhhhhh!!! These are the questions I go over and over again in my head. It’s stressing me out to be honest! But, it’s something I can’t help but think about the older I get.

From High School till now, I have worked for various businesses and jobs Such as waitressing, Dance Performance, promotional modeling, social media marketing, background acting, property management and now Blogging! 

Me performing at Mango’s Tropical Cafe! I was also a VIP Server.

Brand Ambassador work for DPA Microphones at InfoComm 2015 at the Orange County Convention Center

Performing at EDC Orlando (Don’t I look grape?) 😉🍇

My first job as a waitress! #hooters 🍗👀😂

Working as a Samba Dancer with my girl tayyyy 🙃

Working for Erchonia at OOCC! 

I have been doing so much research online for what I want to do next, And this time, I want to pursue something a little more serious….ok, maybe a lot more serious! Most of my research has been about Chemical Engineering, pretty much anything that has to do with science because I LOVE science, Real Estate and physical therapy. I am thinking about going to College soon, maybe even out of state if I have to! I’m ready to improve my knowledge and ready to feel like I’m doing something important with my time and overall life.
I imagine it’s been so difficult for me to choose a career path for myself because I love diversity. I am interested in numerous subjects and just can’t make up my mind!  You can say I’ve been more on the entertainment side of thing’s for a very long time and I feel like there is way too much competition and not enough money in the entertainment industry, unless you become famous or something which  I definitely don’t care about anymore (I did when I was a kid).

I would love for anyone to share their thoughts on the best college majors to pursue or if college is not worth going to anymore because I hear that there are many amazing, high paying jobs that don’t require a degree.

Thanks! 💙

5 thoughts on “My Diverse Job History And What I Desire To Do Next!

  1. I would honestly advice you to at least get a college diploma in something you’re good at. Even if you won’t be using the degree/diploma today, it will be useful in the future. Try study what you’re good at in college but not what you like. I wished to become an engineer when I was in high school but I don’t really like Maths and getting to the university I realized I don’t like physics too but I always emerged the best in biology even though I don’t really like biology. Then went fully into biology because that was were my strength lies. I emerged the best graduating student in my department, and today I’m still doing biology and I’m a successful biologist and a scientist,just because I’m doing what I’m good at. If I had insist on engineering I would failed badly. People do have wishes of becoming to things they are not really good at but they think they will do well just because they are curious about it. Curiousity only works when doing something you are really good at. 😉

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    1. That is very true! I have been looking into careers and I might try out Architecture, so we’ll see! I’m pretty creative, like to make/build thing’s, great at drawing, not crazy about math but I’m gonna go for it…eeeek! That’s good you found out what you wanted to do! I always wanted to be an actress but I’m definitely not going to school for theatre. I don’t believe you need a college education for that!!

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      1. You should try out architecture, and of course you can do your creativity works along side at your leisure at the same time. So far it’s something you’re good, I assure you’re not going to regret it and your success will be massive that you won’t believe it too. I hope to see you succeed in the future Lulu. If I may ask is your real name Lulu?


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