My Thoughts On Fame Then VS Now

When I was a little girl, I stared at all the talented, and beautiful actors, and singers on my TV screen wishing I could be just like them. I thought that all famous people were good people and had it all. As I grow older, I learn that not everyone who is famous is a good person and may not even be happy.

Now, when I think about fame, it’s not something I dream of anymore. Being famous does not guarantee a perfect lifestyle. The number one reason I don’t care for fame is PRIVACY! There are plenty of stories online about celebrities having strangers breaking into their houses, stalking, and also threatening them! In one of Shane Dawson’s YouTube video’s, he explains how even JLo had some stranger living in her house and she didn’t even know! It can happen to anyone! I just think that everyone should stop having the obsession to become famous. It’s best to look into first, and if you’re ok with the circumstances, go ahead and pursue the career to fame! Just be cautious!

Fame photo:

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