Shein Fashion: My Magical White Dress

I’m super excited to collaborate with Shein! I have always loved their clothes and style. Recently, I’ve been into wearing dresses, especially when they’re as light and breezy as this beautiful white, lace maxi dress they sent my way to try on. I felt so mystical and airy while wearing this dress. The fabric is…… Continue reading Shein Fashion: My Magical White Dress

25 Interesting Facts About Me

1. I got made fun of a lot throughout middle school because of my freckles and gapped front teeth. 2. I have four Sphynx cats and they are the most lovable/nosiest pets I’ve ever had. 3. If I could eat anything for the rest of my life, it would be cheese, chocolate, and Chicken Fettucine…… Continue reading 25 Interesting Facts About Me

LED Cherry Blossom Jewelry Tree 

  I was looking through my jewelry box because I was trying to find my clear quart skull shaped stone’s that I haven’t seen in a while (and still can’t 🙁), but instead, I found necklaces that I’ve forgotten about and noticed that all of them were tangled! I looked around and thought “Aha!! I…… Continue reading LED Cherry Blossom Jewelry Tree 

Rootie The Rootlifter by Voloom

 I was gifted this volumizing iron created by VOLOOM. It is designed to give hair instant lift and lasting volume!  You use it by lifting the top layers of your hair up and away from your scalp, and then crimp those under layers to lift the top layer up!  Check out VOLOOM on Instagram!

Shaklee YOUTH Skin Care Set

Thanks to @shakleeHQ for this YOUTH Skin Care Set! I am in love with the packaging and the fact that all products are 100% vegan and cruelty free 👌 The whole set: Radiance C+E 20% Pure Vita C, Vita E Plus Raspberry – Plumps, brightens, and visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles: Youth…… Continue reading Shaklee YOUTH Skin Care Set

My New Glitter Heels From Charlotte Russe

I recently went to the outlets to do some shopping and one of the stores I went to was charlotte russe. I walked around, saw some really cute dresses that I bought and then my most favorite item I found were the Milia-97 Ice Blue Multi Glitter pointed toe pumps! Video with no flash: Photo…… Continue reading My New Glitter Heels From Charlotte Russe