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Kate Spade: Money Doesn’t Determine Happiness? What Does?

When I heard the news about Kate Spade’s death, I couldn’t believe it. A couple day’s before, I was looking at her amazing bag designs online, and thought to myself how expensive they were, and how rich she must be.

Now I wonder why would such a successful woman commit suicide?! Could her depression really have been that bad?

There are so many people in the world dealing with major Anxiety and depression problems, I’m one of them. Sometimes I think that money would make my life better, but knowing that a very known and wealthy designer killed herself, well… I don’t know what to think anymore.

Some questions going through my mind:

What does make us happy? Is it love? What if I never find love or make enough money? Will I be depressed on and off forever? Why was Kate Spade sad? What makes people depressed?

Please comment below and tell me about situations in life that has made you feel depressed, no matter how big or small.

Thanks. πŸ–€

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25 Interesting Facts About Me

1. I got made fun of a lot throughout middle school because of my freckles and gapped front teeth.
2. I have four Sphynx cats and they are the most lovable/nosiest pets I’ve ever had.

3. If I could eat anything for the rest of my life, it would be cheese, chocolate, and Chicken Fettucine Alfredo.

4. My number one best friend is my mother, we pretty much do everything together. Her friends are my friends and my friends are hers.

5. I met Denzel Washington and he read to my 2nd grade class. There must be a photo somewhere on the internet! He is also one of my favorite actors!

6. I fell in love/lust with a guy I met on Tinder last year. We only went on 3 dates…

7. Some of my favorite movies are Gone with The Wind, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Labyrinth, Forest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Just Friends and How to Lose A Guy In Ten Days.

8. My dreams are so vivid that I usually wake up feeling drained and sick. I’ve also felt like some of my dreams could be made into movies.

9. My favorite number is 5 because we have 5 senses, 5 fingers on each hand, 5 toes on each foot, and we have 5 appendages like a starfish.

10. I like to watch the Monthly Pisces Tarot Card Readings on YouTube. I decided to buy tarot cards of my own.

11. I like to sing Karaoke by myself in my room.

12. I have a little obsession with hair. I’m  always changing mine and have dyed my hair almost every color.

13. I rather play sports than watch them. Especially Basketball! 

14. I have a fissured tongue, which means I have a lot of cracks on my tongue. It’s pretty weird.

15. Just like Charlotte York from Sex and The City, I too like to stare at my pores in a 3x mirror.

16. I bite my nails when I’m nervous or anxious.

17. I am a night owl, I can stay awake for hours. My mom thinks I should work in an emergency room after hours or something lol.

18. I will be turning 25 this year and I have never had the Chicken Pocks.

19. I don’t like speaking or singing in public, but I will put on a show with my amazing dance moves!

20. I used to have a huge celebrity crush on Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf. I love funny guy’s and he is hilarious. ❀

21. Passion and Pink Carnations are my favorite flowers.

22. When I really like a song, I will play it repeatedly, every day, until I get tired of it. The most recent song’s are Somebody Else by  The 1975 and I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany.

23. If I could be a part of any era, it would be the 1920’s or 80’s.

24. I can’t sleep in the dark, I need to have a nightlight on.

25. I got my belly button pierced when I was thirteen years’ old.
Thanks for reading! Feel free to ask me any questions!


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LED Cherry Blossom Jewelry TreeΒ 

  I was looking through my jewelry box because I was trying to find my clear quart skull shaped stone’s that I haven’t seen in a while (and still can’t πŸ™), but instead, I found necklaces that I’ve forgotten about and noticed that all of them were tangled! I looked around and thought “Aha!! I can hang them on my LED cherry blossom tree that my mom bought for me from Home Goods!” One by one, I started hanging each necklace on every empty branch till the tree was full! 

Here is the result:

 I am so obsessed with my tree now! This idea makes finding my necklaces so much easier. I can’t believe I didn’t think about doing this earlier but I’m glad I did now. No more forgetting about what necklaces I have, where a specific one might be, and no more tangles! I definitely suggest this idea to all the jewelry lovers out there. πŸ’πŸ“Ώ

Some of my favorite necklaces:

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Moxeey Luxury Car Trunk Organizer!

Moxeey was awesome enough to send me a wonderful trunk organizer. Sometimes adulting can be hard. We can get extremely busy at times and our vehicles show just that…how busy we are! Way too busy to be organized, that’s for sure, but this caddy is very useful and has helped me keep my vehicle looking nice and neat!

Some friend’s and I went to the beach and I love the fact that I was able to fit so much in my new waterproof caddy, like, my pizza pool float, extra clothes, books, makeup, snacks (of course), and more! 

Anywho, here’s some more photos! Even better one’s cause guess what?! I’m in them! Yayyyyyy! πŸ˜‚ Haha! 

You can purchase this item from Amazon, it is on sale now. πŸ‘click the link below!

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Living In The Hood Stories

Soooooo… I’ve been living in my neighborhood for about a year. It’s not the worst neighborhood but it’s also not the best. I’ve in nicer areas here in Florida, and know this is not the best but it’s ok because of pricing, but when you start hearing gunshots at 3am you start to wonder, right?! It’s pretty damn scary. I’m originally from Bronx NY and for the 12 year’s I’ve lived there, I don’t remember hearing gunshots! (But of course I was a lot younger and lived in buildings so it’s harder to hear I guess, I was naive about that stuff) Anyway, some night’s, I will hear gunshots πŸ”« right by my window that literally wake me up and then my anxiety kicks in! I start imagining myself just sitting on my bed, and then a bullet shoots through my window and into my head killing me…. 😟

Hopefully soon we will get a fence because we’ve also had stranger’s walking through our yard!! There’s a neighborhood right behind our house that is really “Hood”. The cops πŸš” are usually there almost every weekend, but anyways, these people cross our yard to get to that neighborhood. There were times where my mom and I were about to drive in our driveway and these stranger’s were walking through our driveway to get to the neighborhood in the back!! Like wtf?!?! 

Mind you! We do have bars on all of our window’s and the sliding glass door. We didn’t put them there, they came with the house. I am definitely glad we have them cause you never know!! My mom usually works on the house and the gardening and she ended up finding a tiny jar of coconut oil set right by the window… Hmmm, πŸ€” what could somebody be doing right by her room window with a jar of coconut oil????? Disgusting!!! 😠😠😠😠😠

One time, a lady knocked on our door, late at night asking for gas money…..πŸ˜‘ and another time, I’m in bed and I hear kittens meowing loudly! I have four hairless  cat’s, and at the time one of our cat’s gave birth so we had kittens. I went to go check the cat’s to see if they were ok, and the kitten’s meowing weren’t from inside my house! Someone dropped off tiny furry kittens at the front door!! It didn’t bother me as much because I felt bad for them! It was cold out and they were abandoned!! My mom was pretty pissed! We already have too much responsibility with our own cat’s. We ended up taking the kittens to Petco the next day.

I have no idea how long we are staying in this neighborhood. My whole family thinks we should move somewhere else lol but I feel like bad thing’s can happen anywhere, maybe not as much here πŸ˜‚ but still…. we’ll see what happens.

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Leapair LED Curtain Lights

Just received my curtain lights today from Ebay!! Yayy! I can’t believe they delivered them so fast.

Here they are:

They are plug in LED fairy lights and they are so amazing that I bought more! They were a steal and only cost $14.99 each. I’ve searched online everywhere for good quality lights and could not be happier with the ones I found.

A great thing about these lights is that you can change the settings. They can twinkle/flash, go slower or faster. Love them so much! They definitely add a beautiful glow to my room. They were easy for me to put up on my own.

Here is a link of where I bought these lights so you can get your own. They are 30% off! πŸ˜€×9-8ft-300LED-Christmas-String-Fairy-Wedding-Party-LED-Curtain-Lights-%2F381732463921%3Fnav%3DSEARCH