Kate Spade: Money Doesn’t Determine Happiness? What Does?

When I heard the news about Kate Spade’s death, I couldn’t believe it. A couple day’s before, I was looking at her amazing bag designs online, and thought to myself how expensive they were, and how rich she must be. Now I wonder why would such a successful woman commit suicide?! Could her depression really…… Continue reading Kate Spade: Money Doesn’t Determine Happiness? What Does?

25 Interesting Facts About Me

1. I got made fun of a lot throughout middle school because of my freckles and gapped front teeth. 2. I have four Sphynx cats and they are the most lovable/nosiest pets I’ve ever had. 3. If I could eat anything for the rest of my life, it would be cheese, chocolate, and Chicken Fettucine…… Continue reading 25 Interesting Facts About Me

LED Cherry Blossom Jewelry Tree 

  I was looking through my jewelry box because I was trying to find my clear quart skull shaped stone’s that I haven’t seen in a while (and still can’t 🙁), but instead, I found necklaces that I’ve forgotten about and noticed that all of them were tangled! I looked around and thought “Aha!! I…… Continue reading LED Cherry Blossom Jewelry Tree 

Moxeey Luxury Car Trunk Organizer!

Moxeey was awesome enough to send me a wonderful trunk organizer. Sometimes adulting can be hard. We can get extremely busy at times and our vehicles show just that…how busy we are! Way too busy to be organized, that’s for sure, but this caddy is very useful and has helped me keep my vehicle looking…… Continue reading Moxeey Luxury Car Trunk Organizer!

Leapair LED Curtain Lights

Just received my curtain lights today from Ebay!! Yayy! I can’t believe they delivered them so fast. Here they are: They are plug in LED fairy lights and they are so amazing that I bought more! They were a steal and only cost $14.99 each. I’ve searched online everywhere for good quality lights and could…… Continue reading Leapair LED Curtain Lights