The Extraordinary, Authentic Wood Watches by JORD

I have always had my eye on Jord Wooden Watches. Not only are all of their classic watches made out of REAL Wood, but they smell amazing, the many designs they offer is astonishing! From Walnut to Zebrawood, men’s watches, as well as women’s. There are a variety of watches to choose from! I have two watches so far and love the style so much. They are definitely different than any other accessory I’ve ever owned.

The Two I have:

Dover Ebony & Copper and Frankie35 – Dark Sandalwood & Slate

Here are a few other favorite styles of mine:

The Cassia: Ebony and Sable

This timepiece is one of JORD’S newest designs. The Roman numeral concave dial, sapphire glass, and stunning ebony wood is a must in anyone’s wardrobe.

The Dover Series: Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood

This style right here is incredibly remarkable! I love the synchronized design and all the stunning details, especially the contrast between the Dark Sandalwood and Zebrawood.

Cora Series: Koa and Rose Gold

Ummm, who doesn’t need a little sparkle on their wrists?! I know I do! This dazzling, crystal timepiece is for sure on my list, because of it’s warm tone and radiance.

If you would like to know more information, please click the links below to find out what else JORD Wooden Watches has in store for you:



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Thank you so much for reading! šŸ–¤

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Dating SucksĀ 

What is going on? Dating used to be so easy! Now it’s hard to get a date at all! I know I’m not the most beautiful girl in the world, plenty of people think I’m very attractive but will never ask me out on a real date.

I feel like I’m the one trying to get the guy’s I like to go out with me, but it never works. There’s always an excuse, and I start feeling like there’s something wrong with me.

I’ve been using Tinder for almost a year now, on and off but of course, no luck with that app either. I mean, I met one guy I actually really liked a lot but of course he’s out looking for better and then I have a couple of guy’s from the app on my Social media account’s that like my photos but never want to meet me in person…. like huh?!

The only guy’s who ask me out are men in their 50’s + that aren’t even attractive at all. I know that it’s not all about looks and age but c’mon! I need to date someone who I have somewhat of an attraction to and is close to my age.

I’m just very dissapointed. The fact that I can’t even get a text back from a guy I like when I invite him out once is just ridiculous already. I’m not asking for an expensive night out or a diamond ring. Just to meet up for a drink or something and hang out! Seems like that’s the most I can get out of a guy these day’s…